Delaware County Council is proud and grateful that we can provide quality, compassionate care for residents at Fair Acres, Delaware County’s skilled care facility in Middletown.

Fair Acres is a county landmark that dates back to 1807 when an “almshouse” was opened in Media. In 1857, the County purchased the Pennell farm, which is now the site of the Fair Acres complex. Today, there are 19 buildings on the site, and round-the-clock care is provided for 900 residents, making Fair Acres one of the largest skilled care facilities in the Commonwealth.

For over 200 years, the most vulnerable residents of Delaware County have been able to call Fair Acres “home,” and to get the care they need when they are no longer able to live on their own. There are residents of all ages at Fair Acres, including seniors as well as younger adults who have suffered a chronic illness or traumatic injury who need skilled nursing care.

The mission of Fair Acres is to enhance the quality of life for residents by providing professional care in a nurturing, homelike environment. On County Council, we continually hear from families who are pleased, and relieved, by the dedication of the staff and the quality of care their loved one gets at Fair Acres.

Delaware County Council is committed to providing excellent care for our residents, and to improving that care as new advances are made in medical treatment, technology and therapeutic services. We are dedicated to ensuring that Fair Acres ranks among the finest in skilled nursing facilities across the Commonwealth, and the nation.








John P. McBlain, Chairman
Colleen P. Morrone, Vice Chairman
Michael F. Culp
Kevin M. Madden
Brian P. Zidek
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